Our Services

Deployment Packages

We offer a variety of solutions for your LOGCAP needs. Our deployment packages group together our experienced personnel for rapid deployment in remediating the following specific scenarios:

"The Observer package" provides rapid site survey(s) to any location... world wide.

"The FACCT package" is our Fast Arrival Client Contact Team that quickly initiates contact with the client, onsite, within 72 hours of contract award.

"The Provider package" is our bundled package of craftsman, water and power experts for immediate life support standup

"The Garrison package" is our long term provisional package of craft and management resources. This package also includes the equipment and materials necessary sustainment of task order operations.


Systems Consulting Packages

We offer world class consulting expertise in the systems most often used on LOGCAP projects. We are experts in ERP systems like Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft. We are also experts in all inclusive applications like Maximo and SAP. We dedicated skills in writing custom code like python, Java, C++, and .NET that enable us to provide the specific solutions you require for your task order needs. We also offer custom reporting and KPI creation for your client status meetings and award fee board presentations. Our developers, like everyone at Alliance Resourcing, are willing and able to travel anywhere in the world, under any condition, to ensure your mission succcess.

Mangement & Process Engineering Packages

We offer expertise in optimizing your project processes by leveraging world class LEAN methodolgies and our proprietary tool kits based on Six Sigma practicies. Our process engineers review the Design of your current processes and Measure their effectiveness against task order requirements. We will Analyze if there are opporunities to increase effeciency to the client or Improve your work streams. We will suggest Controls that will ensure that any changes introduced remain for long term success. The areas we focus on for process improvement are:

Craft  Processes: Work Order Initiation, Planning, Scheduling, Execution, and Closure.

Warehouse Processes: Issues, Receipts, Cycle Count improvement, Physical Counts Adjustments improvements, Stock Leveling, Automatic Reordering improvements.

Procurement Processes: Item Master cleansing improvements, Multi-Purchase Requests to single Purchase Order improvements, Split Purchase Order improvements, Cost Distribution improvements, Procure to Pay improvements, Order to Cash improvements, Consolidating purchases through standardized commodity code.

Accounting and Finance Processes: Reducing aged invoices, improvement of cash flow, reduction in utilization of cash payments in the field 

IT Delivery Processes: Fiber (aerial and below ground) project improvements, Improved implementation of wireless projects, Rapid satellite and radio network deployment improvements. We have expertise in deploying big data solutions for contingency contracts, like LOGCAP.

Big Data, IoT, and Analytics Process: We integrate Big Data solutions with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to provide always-on data delivery of critical assets like power generation, water production, furnace and waste destruction, electircal utility, linear assets such as pipelines, as well as electrical and telecommunication lines.